Socio-economic programmes by AIRTDS

AIRTDS has taken up several programmes and has availed financial support both from the government (Central/Sate) and reputed international donor agencies like HIVOS, Netherlands, Inter Aid, France, Freres De Nos Freres, Switzerland and now VMM, Alliance India and USAID.


  • HCBCS under the VMM / Alliance network catering to the needs of 657 PLHA, 2100 family members affected by HIV/AIDS and around 753 children in their families in Tenali Division.
  • Avahan – Alliance –Andhra Pradesh – project on prevention among female sex workers and MSM in Adilabad district in 11 areas in 33 sites and 600-target population.
  • USAID – Pact – Under taken a research project in childcare giving under care and support programmes in coastal AP.
  • NEG – IGSS – supported program for prevention of school dropouts in 3 villages
  • RGF – Village library programmes fin 10 villages to promote library.
  • HUDA – socio economic surveys of lake depended population in Hyderabad
  • World Vision –B. Awareness Programmes referrals to AGH.

Our principal services are

  • Child care – nutrition food, support for education
  • Foster care – child orphans placed in a neighbourhood family
  • Counselling – individual, groups, house visits and family counselling
  • Interpersonal and behaviour change communication to key population
  • Health care for opportunistic infections – treatment of minor aliments
  • Clinical care for STIs treatment, mobile clinic.
  • Community mobilization – mass Campaigns, community support groups Cultural programmes.
  • Referral– VCTC, PPTCT, TB DOTS treatment facility and follow-up at government hospital.
  • Operational research in programmes/projects
  • NCLP programme:- we running special schools for child labour with 100 children . National child labour programme .



Sex Workers’ Health Project

Intervention in HIV/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAMME was started as early as 1996 in the districts of Andhra Pradesh including Adilabad with AIRTDS as Nodal NGO with a network of 14 NGOs for implementation of HIV/AIDS. AIRTDS identified and developed working relationship with women in prostitution, brothel owners in more than 210 sites, in 18 districts of A.P. The field workers and peers give information and health education to sex workers through flip charts and through the experience of other women suffering from STDs.


STD, HIV/AIDS Counselling

Counselling services were provided by AIRTDS from 1997 onwards upto 2001. Counselling aims to provide correct information/options to the people living with HIV and enable them to cope up with the situation with moral support. These counsellors were provided training in Gestalt Therapy by Dr. Harm Siemens from NSG, Netherlands. These counsellors were placed in the District Headquarters Government Hospitals. Our counsellor Mr. Saibaba and Mr. Srikanth provided counselling services in Adilabad and Manchiral areas in Adilabad district.


Avahan – Alliance Project /APSACS TI

Avahan – Alliance –Andhra Pradesh – project on prevention among female sex workers and MSM in Adilabad district in 11 areas in 33 sites and 600 target population.



Our child-cantered programmes are

  • Under the scheme of Balahita, AIRTDS took up a three-year project on providing primary education to the children of daily wage labour along with midday meals as well as Rs.100/- stipend per month/child in Tenali – 50 children benefited.
  • Between the periods 1996 – 2000 AIRTDS has taken up programme on Elimination of Child Labour benefiting 168 children.
  • AIRTDS has taken up a participatory research project to evaluate the needs of orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in foster care, in the coastal AP.
  • Care for children infected and affected under HCBCS-VMM/Alliance programmes.
  • Informal foster care for 20 child orphans in HCBCS.



Training and Capacity Building

AIRTDS has been the pioneering organization in the state Andhra Pradesh to provide field oriented counselling services at STD clinics at district level government headquarters hospital. With a network of 18 centres supported by 16 NGOs, AIRTDS had provided training to 23 counsellors with technical support from Netherlands Stitching Gestalt Foundation (NSG) in     STIs / HIV / AIDS counselling services. During the period 1998 – 2002, over 56,000 persons were counselled in these centres.


Developing Community Organizations

Likewise, AIRTDS is the first organization in the state to provide a comprehensive health care and advocacy services to over 6500 sex workers across the 21 districts of Andhra Pradesh (1996 – 2004). AIRTDS is the nodal agency in the 11 NGOs to work among sex workers and it has taken up a massive programme with 166 peer volunteers. It had organized state and national level conventions on the rights of sex workers and has been in the national network covering the 4 southern states in India. Under the programme, AIRTDS was able to convince the government the necessity to distribute condoms regularly to sex workers and obtained a national directive from the government of India [No. T. 11019/1/98-NACO, 29/7/1999] to issue to our network 0.5 million condoms per month. Our average distribution per month reached the peak 665340 pieces. As a part of the programme, AIRTDS had organized 36 peer leaders training, 15 advocacy training and 18 CBOs training. AIRTDS is instrumental in forming first time in Andhra Pradesh CBOs for sex workers.


AIRTDS has grown in its capacity and coverage in implementing multiple projects relevant to child specific. Our primary strengths and capacities are

  • Skill developed in providing care and support to children in distress.
  • Trained staff in child centred programmes developing leadership quality, developing support groups, psychosocial support.
  • Developed an innovative informal foster care programme to take care of child orphans.
  • Built up experienced research and training team in care and support for PLHA and especially in activities for supporting children from families affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Has a demonstrative skills in training counsellors
  • Has strengthened its capacity to build and develop community owned organization for PLHA / sex workers.
  • Has a trained children cultural team for advocacy and child rights campaigns


The Reach

AIRTDS has taken initiatives to cover the entire state of Andhra Pradesh through a network whenever it has an opportunity. AIRTDS has worked with networking    NGOs / CBOs in

–  21 Districts

–  248 Sites

–  8 fishermen collective’s

–  23 district hospitals

–  250 women groups

–  166 Peers

–  23 counsellors

–  2100 PLHA (persons living with HIV/AIDS)

–  7800 FAA (family affected by AIDS)

–  6462 CAA (children affected by AIDS)

spreading over 32 villages and 23 urban centres covering an approximate population of 15 lakh over the years accounting for 1.9% of the state population


As a nodal partner of networking as well as an active partner in the Alliance networks, AIRTDS has had several years of experience and gathered expertise in organizing.

  • Experience sharing and learning workshops
  • Thematic experiences and programme improvement workshops
  • National level strategy development workshops
  • Concurrent monitoring, reporting, participatory reviews, assessments and acquired


AIRTDS initiatives and national response

It is fortunate that AIRTDS has been able to work with the issues that attracted larger national responses and most of them are replicable at state and national level.

  • Firstly, our model STD clinics in the state have been responsible to open up VCTCs in the state and all our STD centres have been converted into VCTCs.
  • Secondly, our massive sex worker programme was brought to the attention of National Women Commission and it made recommendations to the union of India on the issues of sex workers.
  • Thirdly, our efforts in forming CBOs have yielded much desired impact. Several CBOs are formed and they joined several network NGOs and to mention a few are WINS network, AIDS Nivarana Sangahs at Vijayawada and Khammam.
  • Fourthly, our innovative idea of informal foster family care to AIDS orphans has attracted the international attention and we are awarded a research project.
  • We are now concentrating on psycho social comfort through art and folk which has been acknowledged [SAHRUDAYA, Issues 5, June, 2005]

AIRTDS has established and strengthened a cordial working relationship with the government functionaries and networking NGOs. AIRTDS is a member of

  • Legal Aid committee, Judiciary Department Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • District AIDS committee headed by the district collector Guntur.
  • Member in Tenali division Child Labour Project, Protection cell, Tenali.
  • Selection committee member, Rajiv Yuva Sakthi Schemes, Tenali Municipality.


Resource Mobilization

Over these years, AIRTDS has received around Rs. 4 crores and disbursed to networking NGOs/CBOs over Rs.3 Crores. On an average, its yearly fund disbursal during 2000-05 has been at Rs. 35 lakhs to NGOs/CBOs.


AIRTDS has also been able to manage the funds effectively and in times of delays in fund release, AIRTDS has mobilized funds to meet the contingency and emergency. Over the past three years, on an average, Rs. 4-8 lakhs has been raised and utilized as management advance to meet the project expenses to compensate the unavoidable delays in release of funds.

Capacity of the Organization

AIRTDS is governed by a Board of Directors and maintains systematic documentation and accounts, which are regularly monitored and audited. AIRTDS is also subject to periodical inspections from Government agencies and FCRA authorities.

During the two decades of its services, AIRTDS has developed its organizational principles and the primary among them are:

  • AIRTDS shall always strive on the assessed and felt needs expressed by members of the targeted community.
  • AIRTDS believes in networking with other like minded organizations and social groups to reduce the social costs involved.
  • AIRTDS shall always function with a lean administrative staff and place operational planning and responsibilities upon member representatives from the target community that AIRTDS is working with.